Private Investigators – Ask these questions

The private investigations industry is booming, as people turn more and more to individually hired detectives to get them the answers they need to their problems. This has become the case as Government cutbacks have led to pressure on the Police with an inevitable reduction in the number of cases which they can investigate. Veritas Investigations, a Glasgow private investigations company has provided the following checklist – a list of questions you should ask any private investigations business prior to engaging them.

Number 1 – What is their telephone number ? Be ready to walk away if there is a non geographic number for the business – eg 0800, or 0845 or maybe it’s a mobile number – you want to hire a private detective agency with a physical address and telephone number. If the address given is a P.O. box number, checkout the real address behind the P.O. box address by phoning the Post Office – they have a legal requirement to give you the information.

Number 2 – Experience.  We cannot emphasize this enough, you need to make sure that the people you are about to engage have a strong track record of successful cases and satisfied clients. Don’t be shy here, ask them for details of their previous clients and make sure you get phone numbers so that you can check and verify this for yourself.  Veritas Investigations, for example, only employ ex police detectives, all of whom are trained in covert policing. In a highly unregulated market, the onus is on you, the client, to make sure you do your homework and appoint a solid, professional, experienced company.

Number 3 – Find out about their methods of operation. A good firm of private investigators will have procedures and structures in place to make sure that the work they do complies with the rules of evidence and also complies with all current legislation.  The last thing you want is to potentially pay someone a lot of money to gather information on your behalf only to find out later that it is inadmissable in a court of law.

Number 4 – Cost. The going rate for a private investigator varies depending on where you are in the UK and the quality of the firm you are going to employ. A reasonable expectation, outwith London, would be around £40 – £50 per hour, although there will be other costs including mileage, and equipment charges which can substantially increase the overall bill.

Number 5 – Go with your gut. Most of the time you will have an inner feeling as to who is the right person for you – and beware of Private Investigators who talk a lot and don’t listen enough – it should be the other way around !

Different Kinds of Road Haulage Vehicles

There are a few different types of vehicles that can be used in the UK for road haulage.

The main one that is used, however is called an articulated lorry (or Artics as they are more commonly known). These are comprised of what is called a tractor also known as a cab and can attach a trailer to it via a turntable located at the back of the trailer.  The tractor must be weight at least 3.5 tonnes with or without a trailer.

There are a few different types of trailers that can be attached to an artic.  The trailer which can be used for most types of cargo is known as a flat bed trailer which is generally out in the open air.

Should the cargo need adequate protection from poor weather and any would be thieves, then the tilt trailer would be more of use. Unlike the flat bed, it has a canopy which can be removed.

If the cargo is of a more expensive nature, then a box trailer would offer much better security as it is of a more solid foundation and has a secure door for loading at the back of it.  If looking for ease when transferring goods, a curtain-sider trailer does the job quite nicely.

There are also trailers that are lower to the ground which are used mostly for heavy items like heavy machinery.

For goods that aren’t quite so large as to need an arctic transporter, light goods vehicles (LGV’s or vans) are commonly used for goods of a smaller nature.

There are many rules that the drivers of these vehicles must follow in order to be able to drive them on British roads. On almost all occasions, these lorries mustn’t weight more than 44 tonnes. There  is many height, width and length restrictions which must be adhered to as well.

Special licences must also be obtained in order to be able to drive these vehicles. Some advanced driving schools will provide the lessons required in order to drive HGV’s, but the earning potential from driving these vehicles is excellent.

The Rise of Cosmetic Dentistry

In the UK, there’s two kinds of dental patient – NHS patients, which is generally preventative dentistry that is subsidised by the government and is usually more affordable, and private patients. Some dentists will only work with private patients as they tend to be more valuable customers, but these dentists generally offer treatments that an NHS dentist won’t.

These procedures are commonly known as cosmetic dentistry, and are geared as much towards the physical appearance of the teeth as they are for dental functionality. There are several common treatments available which can really take your smile to the next level.

Dental veneers – a small porcelain cover is custom fitted to your tooth and is attached using a strong adhesive. The result is a better colour and shape of tooth, and can turn a normal smile in to something spectacular. Generally people will have several veneers fitted at once, as having individual veneers can look a little strange!

Dental implants – these work as a permanent solution to any missing teeth a person may have. A metal rod is surgically attached to the patient’s jawbone, and a dental bridge or denture is attached to the rod. Dental implants are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to dentures, and although they can be expensive they can last an extremely long time.

Teeth whitening – this involves the dentist placing a bleaching agent on the teeth, which removes any stains on the teeth and helps to make them appear whiter. This is an extremely popular treatment, and as a result there are several services available which are not provided by trained dental professionals. These services, as well as home whitening kits, are best avoided unless specifically recommended by your dentist.

Having functional teeth is extremely important, but in an age where appearance is increasingly important to people cosmetic dentistry is providing a valuable service for many people. There will be several cosmetic dentists is your area, so shop around to see who can offer the kind of services you’re looking for.